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Elmhurst Energy Consultancy are the leading experts in energy consultancy services, specialising in helping new buildings (SAP and SBEM) to comply with UK Building Regulations and Building Standards.

Our services help architects, building developers and self builders meet the critical need for constructing sustainable buildings whilst fulfilling legislative requirements across all sectors of the built environment. We can also help to guide you through your energy efficiency obligations according to law or building regulation and can even implement your next energy efficiency project or audit.

With over 25 years of experience our energy consultants have worked with many organisations on innovative and ground breaking projects, where  they have provided solutions to even the most complex building operations. Whether for a single property or a large scale phased development, our team of consultants provide a hassle-free service, taking projects from design to completion.

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Energy efficiency rises up the ranks for home buyers

19 September 2019

Off-street parking, good transport links and excellent local schools were once at the top of the list for prospective home buyers. Let’s face it – they still are! But new research carried out by estate agent Jackson-Stops found that out of the 2000 people they surveyed, 21% felt it was more important to reduce CO2 emissions when buying or renting a home than living within one mile of transport links. What’s more, 22% of those


LEGO: the answer to sustainable housing?

04 September 2019

Most people are familiar with LEGO; using brightly coloured bricks to make a variety of different structures. It’s this concept of being able to use a limited number of components to create a variety of designs that Sustainer Homes is looking to emulate. The Dutch start-up’s modular system allows builders and architects to turn any design into a circular carbon-neutral building – speeding up the building process and cutting costs. The sustainable and circular construction


9 Things To Remember About Energy Efficiency Calculations

22 August 2019

A wide range of regulations and measurements relating to energy efficiency lie at the core of any modern development project. This article will give you an idea of exactly what you need to keep in mind to avoid falling foul of such regulations and ensure you have a clean, green development.  ESOS   -The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is a UK mandatory energy assessment scheme, which examines 12 months of verifiable energy data from companies that


Warmer houses for a cooler planet

19 August 2019

UK housing currently accounts for 15% of the UK’s carbon emissions. That makes for pretty daunting reading considering the government plans to provide new build housing by 2025 that does not use fossil fuel heating, as part of the Future Homes Standard. The proposed Standard closely mirrors the report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) report:, UK Housing: Fit for the Future, and is expected to influence the revision of Part L of the


CBI: government needs to do more to encourage companies to invest in sustainability

15 August 2019

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI), has claimed that the government needs to do more to encourage businesses to invest in sustainability measures. The UK business lobby group suggests that companies are penalised for investing in green measures, which increase the value of the property and therefore the amount they must pay in business rates. James Diggle, the CBI’s head of energy and climate change, explains: “"It's a lose-lose for a business financially, as they


Climate Experts take aim at glass-fronted skyscrapers

06 August 2019

Architects and climate experts have voiced their concern over the construction of glass-fronted skyscrapers due to their impact on climate change. The glass creates a greenhouse effect, trapping the heat and resulting in a large amount of energy being needed to cool down the building. This is concerning to climate scientists as air conditioning accounts for approximately 14% of all energy use now – double what it was in 2000. The prevalence of glass in


How to increase a building's water efficiency

23 July 2019

When constructing a new build, there are a number of measures you can take to ensure the new property complies with water efficiency standards. To make sure you're saving as much water as possible, take a look at these tips:Use water closets that meet IPC requirementsOlder water closets that have a higher flow might seem cheaper, but newer models with low flow rates improve your water efficiency greatly. There's also no need to worry about


BEIS delivers WITHERING attack on government’s energy efficiency policy

18 July 2019

In a blistering attack on the government’s implementation of energy efficiency policies, the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has released a report criticising the lack of indicators to monitor the energy efficiency of buildings and progress within the commercial sector. BEIS argues that without policy interventions, the commercial sector is unlikely to invest in energy efficiency measures, even if the investments are cost-effective. In fact, research from the Clean Growth Strategy recognised


IKEA: The Future of UK Housing?

03 July 2019

Worthing Council is considering working with the company that owns IKEA to build more homes in the area. The project would see 163 new homes being built off site to be assembled in the area – although BoKlock, the company that owns IKEA, is distancing itself from the IKEA ‘flatpack’ brand, saying: "It is about a high-quality off-site manufacturing process that allows us to assemble them quickly in a safe and sustainable environment, which we


ESOS: Start saving money with these energy saving tips

27 June 2019

It's important for all businesses to comply with ESOS regulations, but many could be at a loss when it comes to saving energy. To start making some serious savings on your energy bills, take a look at these handy energy saving tips below: Sensors Whether your business is large or small, it's often difficult to make sure employees are turning the lights off when they leave rooms or store cupboards. An easy way to ensure

Case Studies 

Our energy efficiency experts provide energy consultancy services, audits and building performance testing to organisations looking to construct or manage compliant and sustainable energy efficient buildings. This includes services for anyone wanting to run a more energy efficient business aiming to optimise cost and carbon savings.  You may recognise some of the organisations that have received such services:

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