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Elmhurst Energy Consultancy are the leading experts in energy consultancy services, specialising in helping new buildings (SAP and SBEM) to comply with UK Building Regulations and Building Standards.

Our services help architects, building developers and self builders meet the critical need for constructing sustainable buildings whilst fulfilling legislative requirements across all sectors of the built environment. We can also help to guide you through your energy efficiency obligations according to law or building regulation and can even implement your next energy efficiency project or audit.

With over 25 years of experience our energy consultants have worked with many organisations on innovative and ground breaking projects, where  they have provided solutions to even the most complex building operations. Whether for a single property or a large scale phased development, our team of consultants provide a hassle-free service, taking projects from design to completion.

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The importance of energy management for businesses

13 February 2019

Businesses constantly scrutinise every part of their operations to cut costs and become more efficient. But one area that is frequently overlooked is companies’ energy use. Many mistakenly associate energy management as what former Prime Minister David Cameron termed ‘green crap’. Where supposedly companies are forced to install a windmill, switch to a more expensive ‘green’ energy tariff and write meeting notes on the back of recycled napkins. Unsurprisingly this bears no resemblance to the


Five important dates for your diary in 2019

04 February 2019

The year of 2019 is expected to bring about changes to the way in which we purchase, use and save energy. Although we advise this should be a regular consideration for all those involved in the Built Environment industry, there are five key dates in 2019 that we think you should be aware of.   1. OFGEM Targeted Charging Review – consultation deadline 4th Feb 2019 This consultation looks to review the costs of electricity


What will happen to ESOS after Brexit?

28 January 2019

As the UK approaches ‘exit day’ from the European Union on 29th March, businesses have been asking whether they still need to complete ESOS and, if so, will there be any changes to the scheme. At Elmhurst Energy Consultancy, we have been keeping a very close eye on all developments relating to how our exit from the EU may impact ESOS and other environmental legislation in the UK. The good news, at present, is that


Importance of Air Tightness Testing

23 January 2019

What is Air Tightness Testing? Air Tightness Testing is a recognised method that measure the uncontrolled airflow in a building. It ensures that there are no holes or gaps in the building fabric that may draw cold air from outside sources and plays an important part in establishing the energy performance of a dwelling. Why is Air Tightness Testing important?   Reduces Emission of Greenhouse Gases Reducing air leakage is beneficial for both the client


The design and construction of homes – how to maximise comfort and sustainability

11 January 2019

Renewables and other, new, innovative products often grab the headlines in our industry, and it is recognised that this innovation is key in ensuring new technologies are pushed to market and start to replace the older, inefficient products still widely used in our building stock. However, our consultants reinforce that, in reality, low energy design principles are crucial. One of the main fundamental principles of sustainable homes design, alongside meeting compliance with Building Regulations, is


Building Regulations in Energy Efficiency: What You Need To Know

10 January 2019

When it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability, there are a number of building regulations and certifications that builders are expected to adhere to. These set of minimum standards have become more specific and stringent as more people recognise the economic impact of non-renewable energy resources and their effects on the environment. Here are some examples.    Building Regulations Part L  Part L of the Building Regulations is a government-approved document that particularly ensures the


Efficiency is key to reducing UK Energy Demand

03 January 2019

A recent report by Carbon Brief has shown that overall UK electricity generation has fallen to the lowest level in 25 years. Studies have uncovered that a transition from traditional incandescent lighting to LED has had a significant impact on UK energy demand, yet has remained largely unrecognised. Renewable energy has undoubtedly contributed to decarbonising the UK energy demand, with 33% of electricity in 2018 being derived from renewable sources, but studies reveal that improving


ESOS Qualification date has now passed – Phase 2 is underway

02 January 2019

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy would like to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year, and we hope 2019 will prove to be a prosperous year for all.This New Year was a little different for some businesses, as it not only marked the start of 2019 but also the start of ESOS Phase 2. The qualification date was 31st December 2018, so as of the start of 2019, all those organisations meeting the qualifying criteria


Cement- The CO2 Problem

17 December 2018

Cement is globally one of the most widely used man made materials and is second only to water as the most consumed resource on the planet. It is the crucial ingredient in concrete which as we all know is used for the construction building tower blocks, offices, car parks, bridges and dams. In the UK, cement was an essential component in the wave of post-World War Two development, particularly in heavily bombed cities such as


What You Should Expect From Your Energy Consultancy

04 December 2018

Most of the time, businesses choose the most affordable service when selecting an energy consultant or energy broker. Whilst this may be necessary to save your company consultancy fees, the quality of work done by the energy consultant should be highly considered as well.    To determine whether you’re getting the most out of your chosen energy solutions firm, here are some of the things you should expect from them. Ensures you comply with regulations

Case Studies 

Our energy efficiency experts provide energy consultancy services, audits and building performance testing to organisations looking to construct or manage compliant and sustainable energy efficient buildings. This includes services for anyone wanting to run a more energy efficient business aiming to optimise cost and carbon savings.  You may recognise some of the organisations that have received such services:

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