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Elmhurst Energy Consultancy are the leading experts in energy consultancy services, specialising in providing advice and services for the built environment and energy management sector.

We help clients meet compliance with building regulations, complete energy audits and identify ways to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy costs.

Using our framework of 'test, measure, model and improve' we are able to provide clients with an unrivalled building performance service, where we use the latest techniques to accurately measure the energy performance of a property and identify ways to improve it.

With over 25 years of experience, our energy consultants have worked with many organisations on innovative and groundbreaking projects, where they have provided solutions to even the most complex building operations. Whether for a single property or a large scale phased development, our team of consultants provide a hassle-free service, taking projects from design to completion.

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5 quick facts about SECR

17 June 2021

Heard about Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) but have no idea what it means? Read our 5 quick facts below to find out what SECR is, who it applies to and what you have to do.  What is SECR? Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) is a mandatory energy and carbon reporting scheme for large UK companies. It is a relatively new piece of legislation that was introduced in 2019 to replace the Carbon


Expert's view: Post Occupancy Evaluation What is it and why carry it out?

10 June 2021

What is Post Occupancy Evaluation? Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) is “the process of obtaining feedback on a building’s performance in use after it has been built and occupied”[1]. POE is intended to investigate how well a building achieves the needs of its occupants, and identify how improvements in the building design can be done. For the avoidance of doubt, this article discusses POE in terms of the energy efficiency of the buildings, a strand within


"Ban all gas boilers from 2025 to reach net-zero" says IEA

18 May 2021

The International Energy Agency has released a report calling for the ban of all gas boilers by 2025, if the world is to achieve net zero emissions by the middle of the century. Home heating with gas or oil is currently a major source of carbon emissions in many countries, responsible for around 20% or C02 in the US and the UK. The IEA path to net-zero says that in just four years' time, there


Government releases consultation on requiring mandatory climate-related financial disclosures for companies.

26 April 2021

The government has released a consultation seeking views on proposals to mandate climate-related financial disclosures by publicly quoted companies, large private companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). The government explained: “to support the transition to net zero, the Government considers it important to ensure that companies with a material economic or environmental impact or exposure assess, disclose and ultimately take actions against climate-related risks and opportunities by publicly quoted companies, large private companies and Limited


Government to bring forward climate target by 15 years

20 April 2021

Boris Johnson is set to announce radical new climate change targets this week, which will set the UK on course to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035. The prime minister's commitments, which will become law, bring forward the current target for reducing carbon emissions by 15 years. This would be a world-leading position. Amongst other things hitting the targets would require more low-carbon heating. Homes will need to be much better insulated, and people


What are GHG Emissions?

23 March 2021

Greenhouse gas emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels create a thermal barrier in the earth’s atmosphere - preventing the sun’s rays from escaping. As a result, our planet’s climate becomes hotter, leading to environmental issues, such as forest fires, melting polar ice caps, and droughts. But what are GHG emissions in relation to the energy sector - and what can enterprises working within the industry do to help reduce the damage wreaked upon


Hydrogen - the element of success?

26 February 2021

The UK’s first homes are to be fitted with boilers and hobs that run on hydrogen rather than fossil fuel gas in April. The new development in the north east will use 100% hydrogen for heating and cooking appliances, under a government scheme that could be rolled out to entire neighbourhoods. Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the energy minister, said the two houses “will showcase how low-carbon hydrogen can transform the way we power our homes and offer


Measured Energy Performance could play crucial role in future EPCs

25 February 2021

The Environmental Audit Committee has released its report: Energy Efficiency of Existing Homes, which outlines proposals on how to make Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) more accurate. The chapter ‘Reforming Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)’ explains:  “By the end of 2021 the changes needed for SAP 11, expected to be rolled out in approximately 2025, will be reviewed to make EPCs more accurate which could include considering the potential role of Smart Meter Enabled Thermal Efficiency Ratings


Why is it important to reduce carbon emissions from buildings?

24 February 2021

The development of legislation to tackle climate change means that reducing carbon emissions has never been more important. From electric vehicles to greener business practices and even in our homes, the search for eco-friendly solutions is on the rise. As well as being cheaper for occupants to run, the need for energy assessments on buildings means that potential buyers are more aware than ever of the energy performance of their home. This can therefore increase


Businesses to be given £40 million government funding to clean up!

18 February 2021

The government has announced £40 million funding to help the UK’s most polluting industries cut their carbon emissions. Businesses in energy-intensive sectors, including pharmaceuticals, steel, paper and food and drink, will be able to apply for grants worth up to £14 million through the government’s Industrial Energy Transformation Fund – totalling £289 million in funding up until 2024. Solutions include using heat recovery technology to generate electricity and replacing gas with hydrogen fuel, which will

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Our energy efficiency experts provide energy consultancy services, audits and building performance testing to organisations looking to construct or manage compliant and sustainable energy efficient buildings. This includes services for anyone wanting to run a more energy efficient business aiming to optimise cost and carbon savings.  You may recognise some of the organisations that have received such services:

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