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Elmhurst Energy Consultancy are the leading experts in energy consultancy services, specialising in helping new buildings (SAP and SBEM) to comply with UK Building Regulations and Building Standards.

Our services help architects, building developers and self builders meet the critical need for constructing sustainable buildings whilst fulfilling legislative requirements across all sectors of the built environment. We can also help to guide you through your energy efficiency obligations according to law or building regulation and can even implement your next energy efficiency project or audit.

With over 25 years of experience our energy consultants have worked with many organisations on innovative and ground breaking projects, where  they have provided solutions to even the most complex building operations. Whether for a single property or a large scale phased development, our team of consultants provide a hassle-free service, taking projects from design to completion.

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A coal-free Easter weekend for Britain!

23 April 2019

The National Grid have reported that Britain broke records over the Easter weekend for the longest consecutive period without using coal power since the start of the industrial revolution. The previous record stood at 76 hours, set in April 2018 but this was surpassed as the country managed to go coal–free for 90 hours over the past few days.  The good weather has undoubtedly assisted in this achievement, causing reduced energy demand and providing prime


Energy Efficiency of SMEs

16 April 2019

Last month the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), launched a call for evidence, with a view of gaining insights from our industry on an energy efficiency scheme for small and medium sized businesses. Over the past few years the government has consulted on, and brought into force, numerous reporting frameworks, and regulations, which have focused on reducing energy use and emissions, and improving energy efficiency of large UK companies. Two of the


Understanding the Step-by-Step Process of SAP Calculations

03 April 2019

SAP and SBEM calculations are required when producing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for new build properties. These are to be submitted for prior to the commencement of work.   A SAP calculation indicates a score from 1 to 100+ for the annual energy cost based on a structure’s elements, heating and hot water system, internal lighting and renewable technologies. With the SAP calculation, the higher the score, the lower the running costs. This means that


SECR has arrived – and our expert consultants have broken down the key facts!

01 April 2019

Following much research, and an extensive consultation in summer 2018, the UK government have now launched the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Framework (SECR). The new framework is effective from today, 1st April 2019, and as well as aiming to simplify the current reporting strategy, SECR replaces the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, which also comes to an end this month. The changes have largely come off the back of the governments ‘Clean Growth Strategy’, published


Phil Spencer talks sustainable housing!

29 March 2019

It is well known that we have two major problems with housing in the UK. We have increasingly tight building regulations, meaning we have to continuously innovate the way we build to meet our carbon targets. At the same time, we are suffering a shortage of social and affordable housing, with a 95% reduction in the amount of social housing being built since 2010. So how do we meet both of these challenges? A programme


No more fossil fuel boilers in homes after 2025

25 March 2019

With the Chancellor's spring statement on the 13th of March came several interesting plans for the future of the UK, but most relevant to us was the plan to stop the installation of fossil fuel boilers in new homes built after 2025. This new pledge is a great step forwards in tackling the surprisingly high emissions that originate from our homes; 14% of the UK’s total emissions come directly from houses with another 15% from


Government deal to boost offshore wind

19 March 2019

In a recent article from the BBC the extent of the UK’s offshore wind and renewable energy efforts is realised. A projected 30% of the country’s energy supply could be supplied solely from offshore wind by 2030, further progressing towards the 2008 Climate Change Act’s emissions reductions targets. However, the issue surrounding this is that despite the offshore wind sector growing quicker than ever, the sources for the remaining 70% of energy are uncertain. Nuclear


‘Cars should be banned from near schools due to air pollution’

14 March 2019

What about emissions from the Built Environment? Air pollution is being described as the biggest environmental threat to health in the UK according to Public Health Chiefs, in a recent BBC article. There is now a call for cars to be banned near schools to minimise pollution and improve air quality for the younger generation. Although a very important and pressing issue that does need to recognised, emissions from our buildings, both residential and commercial,


Big Benefits for those using Energy Management Consultants

06 March 2019

With the continual drive towards achieving a low carbon economy and meeting government environment targets, organisations need to comply with a rising number of compliance regulations. In order to ensure they’re complying, as well as deciding and implementing their own initiatives, many organisations are now turning to environmental consultancy firms. Businesses, large and small, have environmental issues that need to be considered. Many large companies are forced to identify such issues through mandatory legislation such


Renewable Energy For Commercial Sustainability

05 March 2019

It is mandatory for large businesses to carry out an energy audit through the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. ESOS compliance is important to calculate an organisation’s total energy consumption and assess the potential in using more cost-effective and sustainable energy measures. Driven by regulatory mandates such as ESOS, along with the desire to be more socially responsible, many private companies are looking to follow renewable building practices and use sustainable energy solutions. Here are some

Case Studies 

Our energy efficiency experts provide energy consultancy services, audits and building performance testing to organisations looking to construct or manage compliant and sustainable energy efficient buildings. This includes services for anyone wanting to run a more energy efficient business aiming to optimise cost and carbon savings.  You may recognise some of the organisations that have received such services:

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