Retrofit Monitoring and Evaluation

Accurately measure retrofit improvements with our non-invasive test, which can be carried out with the occupiers inside. It’s perfect for:

  • Meeting compliance with PAS 2035
  • Demonstrating retrofit improvements
  • Selecting the right energy saving measures
  • Verifying the energy performance rating of a property


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PAS 2035 and Retrofit Evaluation

PAS 2035 is a set of guidelines for the energy retrofit of domestic buildings. Many government funded programmes, such as ECO, require retrofit professionals to follow the PAS 2035 guidelines in order to access funding.

Part of the PAS 2035 process requires retrofit monitoring and evaluation. This checks that the energy performance of the house has improved and the occupants are happy.

How to carry out Retrofit Evaluation

Measured Energy Performance is a simple test that accurately measures the thermal performance of a property before and after retrofit improvements. It uses real-time information gathered from multiple data points to produce an energy efficiency rating that is precise and reliable.

Once we have analysed the data, we will provide you with a detailed report which compares your EPC rating with a precise measured energy rating, along with expert analysis on how to improve your energy efficiency rating/ retrofit evaluation. You can view an excerpt of a sample report here.


Tackle fuel poverty
and meet net zero targets

With Measured Energy Performance you can:

Verify performance

Check your property is performing as promised.

Measure retrofit improvements

Compare how your properties perform before and after the installation of energy efficiency measures, and identify the most cost-effective combinations.

Identify underperforming properties

Identify properties with a poor thermal performance and effectively plan a co-ordinated retrofit plan with measurable outcomes.

Get an improved estimate of annual kWh consumption

Required to claim ECO funding and a pre-requisite for many insurance companies

image of house with thermal sensors

Non-invasive and scalable

The assessment is performed with little intrusion and with the occupants still inside.

Small temperature sensors are placed around the house (usually on a book case or on top of a cupboard) which gather data over a 3 week period. Our expert team of energy consultants combine this data with weather and energy use information to assess how the house performs.

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