A closer look at an ESOS assessment

A closer look at an ESOS assessment

Completing an ESOS assessment helps you determine what areas you need to improve on to comply with ESOS standards. With the reporting deadline of 5th December 2019 for ESOS phase 2 fast approaching, understanding the ESOS assessment process is more vital than ever. Below we break down exactly what the criteria includes and what you as a business owner need to do to ensure ESOS compliance:

1. Work out your total energy consumption
Calculate how much energy your company uses on everything from transport to building maintenance. 

2. Highlight your areas of major energy consumption
If 90% of your business' energy consumption is held by one activity or area of your business, you need to determine if ISO 50001, GDAs or DECs regulations apply to you. You then need to find out whether an ESOS energy audit is needed for that specific area of energy consumption.

3. Identify an assessor
Appoint an individual to be your lead assessor and organise and review the ESOS assessment process and any accompanying energy audits. Your lead assessor can be an employee or a third-party individual but must be on an approved register.

4. Submit your ESOS assessment
Once you have completed your ESOS notification of compliance and assessment, you can submit your findings to the Environment Agency. This can be completed online for convenience and should only be submitted once you feel you are fully compliant to any ESOS obligations you have.

5. Store evidence
Keep any evidence of how you have been compliant with ESOS regulations and store all the relevant records and data. 

To find out more about how to comply with ESOS Phase 2, contact the experts at Elmhurst Energy Consultancy. As one of the government's main energy advisors, we have the relevant industry expertise and knowledge to help your business become ESOS Phase 2 compliant in the most efficient way possible.

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