Applying for the Sustainable Warmth Competition? Then you should read this…

Applying for the Sustainable Warmth Competition? Then you should read this…

The government has announced the launch of the Sustainable Warmth competition for Local Authorities. The competition brings together two fuel poverty schemes (Local Authority Delivery Phase 3 and Home Upgrade Grant Phase 1) into a single funding opportunity with £350 million available.

The primary purpose of the Sustainable Warmth competition funding is to raise the energy efficiency rating of low-income and low EPC rated homes (those with D, E, F or G) on the gas grid and off gas grid.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

One of the expected outcomes of the funding is that homes are thermally comfortable, efficient and well adapted to climate change.  However, it’s a well-known fact that a performance gap exists between design intent and actual performance, and in the case of thermal performance this can be as high as 60%!

If installers or delivery partners are going to be retrofitting properties, especially when using the PAS 2035 retrofit process, then this needs to be taken into consideration.

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy has been working with a number of companies undertaking whole house retrofit projects to accurately measure and monitor the thermal performance of properties pre- and post-installation of energy saving measures. In the words of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA): "Post Occupancy Evaluation is the only way of accurately measuring if a building is as energy efficient as anticipated."

Measuring and evaluation is a condition of receiving funding for the Sustainable Warmth Competition so, whichever process you choose to follow, it should be robust, accurate and scalable across multiple properties. 

Contact the team to find out how we can help measure and evaluate your energy saving projects. 

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You can read more about our Measured Energy Performance service (used for calculating energy ratings and Post Occupancy Evaluation) 


Article published 25/06/21

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