Are you using an elmhurst energy assessor?

Are you using an Elmhurst Energy Assessor?

Elmhurst Energy Assessors and Consultants have delivered energy calculations and EPBD services for thousands of clients and have worked on countless projects. 

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy operates as a sister company/subsidiary to the UK's leading EPC accreditation scheme, Elmhurst Energy. Elmhurst Energy trains accredit and support thousands of SAP and Commercial energy assessors in producing energy calculations to the industry.

Therefore if you are in need of energy calculations or any other energy-related business, we always ask whether you are currently using an Elmhurst Energy Assessor? 


We are transparent in the way that we work

We ensure that the consultancy work we undertake does not conflict with the members of Elmhurst Energy. We value transparency in our work and communicate regularly with the accreditation teams at Elmhurst Energy to ensure that we aren't taking clients from Elmhurst accredited assessors. We do not operate in direct competition with Elmhurst assessors and will always direct clients to existing Elmhurst Assessors which they have used on any previous projects. 

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