BEIS publishes the next version of SAP

BEIS publishes the next version of SAP

In 2017 the department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) issued a consultation on proposed changes to the SAP methodology to be included in the next SAP version.

On 24th July 2018 BEIS published the next version of SAP, known to industry as ‘SAP 10’. A copy of SAP 10 can be downloaded from here.

SAP 2012 will continue to be used for building regulation compliance and production of EPCs until further notice. However, by publishing SAP 10 well in advance of the next building regulations change, this allows industry to see how SAP is developing and get an understanding of the changes that will come. There are parts of SAP 10 that are yet to be finalised, and other areas could be subject to change in the future.

It is interesting to note there is a reference to a Part L (England and Wales) consultation this winter, which seems to indicate a change to Part L may be due in 2020 depending on the outcomes of the consultation. 

We will be analysing the SAP 10 document in detail and will provide further information on the proposed changes in due course. 

Article Published: 30/07/18

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