Benefits of Hiring A Professional Energy Consultant

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Energy Consultant

Some energy consultancy can simply focus on reducing energy consumption, however much of the consultancy work that Elmhurst Energy provides focuses on meeting compliance with building regulations/building standards for both domestic and commercial new build properties. This encompasses everything from building design and materials to energy use.

Energy consultants can give you professional advice

Professional energy consultants can give you peace of mind knowing you are putting your trust in an expert’s hands. Their specialist knowledge is invaluable when adhering to building regulations which can be complex and vary between regions. They also monitor the market and stay abreast of industry trends and can offer you advice on long-term energy saving solutions.

Failure to adhere to the rules can result in a fine or halt building works entirely, therefore it is important to seek trusted advice in order to meet compliance first time around. 

Energy consultants can reduce operational costs

Perhaps the biggest advantage of hiring an energy consultant is reducing your overall energy costs by making targeted efficiency savings. 

One of Elmhurst Energy Consultancy’s areas of expertise is The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), which has a massive impact on the energy usage of large undertakings/companies. This mandatory scheme compels large companies to carry out an energy assessment on their energy use, industrial processes and transport in order to identify cost-effective energy saving measures and can only be carried out by an accredited ESOS Lead Assessor. 

Energy consultants can provide you with environmentally-friendly energy sources

Corporate responsibility is playing an increasing role in fostering positive customer relationships. In response to this, many companies are taking an eco-friendly and energy efficient approach to their businesses, which has the ‘win-win effect’ of reducing carbon emissions and appealing to customers with their ‘green credentials’.  Professional energy consultants can help you compare greener energy sources and offer environmentally friendly ways to reduce your overall energy use.
Elmhurst Energy Consultancy provides energy management consultancy to organisations who require energy audits or want to improve their energy consumption and specialises in the provision of building regulation or standards compliance for new buildings. Get a quote here or contact us on 01455 883 259 for enquiries.

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