Big Benefits for those using Energy Management Consultants

Big Benefits for those using Energy Management Consultants

With the continual drive towards achieving a low carbon economy and meeting government environment targets, organisations need to comply with a rising number of compliance regulations. In order to ensure they’re complying, as well as deciding and implementing their own initiatives, many organisations are now turning to environmental consultancy firms.

Businesses, large and small, have environmental issues that need to be considered. Many large companies are forced to identify such issues through mandatory legislation such as ESOS, whereas smaller companies are driven by cost savings that can be made through saving energy. No matter the incentive, companies are now starting to realise how prominent climate issues are, hence an increasingly strong case for sustainability initiatives to be implemented.

However, what does a company do if they don’t have the resources and knowledge to address their sustainability issues? The best answer is to turn to an experienced consultancy firm. But what exactly are the benefits?

  1. Keeping up with compliance to regulations can place unnecessary financial and administrative burdens on companies, dedicating resources away from business operations for a while. An energy management consultant keeps themselves up to speed on any regulations, and if there are any changes, so companies don’t have to. They are also able to look at business operations from an outside perspective, identifying things that businesses may not have been immediately aware of.
  2. Consultants can assist in setting goals, tracking progress and managing environmental reporting, all of which help organisations to communicate sustainability performance to stakeholders.
  3. A consultant is generally more flexible than a fixed employee. Instead of paying for a set amount of time, consultants can be contracted for specific projects, helping organisations to spread financial resources more efficiently.
  4. Consultants, working in all areas of industry, will likely have more relevant experience than an in house employee, meaning work will have a high degree of accuracy.

Next time your company have an environmental project to undertake, consider a consultant but also make sure they have experience and a good reputation.

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy have over 25 years’ experience in assisting with building regulation compliance and energy management consultancy. Our consultants have a reputation for completing work in a professional, timely, and cost effective manner. To find out more about how we may be able to assist your business, please visit our website:, or call on: 01455 883 259.

Article published 6th March 2019

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