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Building Performance Evaluation

Validate and measure the energy performance of your properties

Using a simple framework of testing, measuring, modelling and improvement, our expert consultants are able to accurately measure the energy performance of a building (or buildings) in order to validate its energy rating...or get to the root of the problem! Our process is as follows:


Using the latest techniques we are able to test your property or properties at scale.

Testing is non-intrusive and can be carried out with the occupants in-situ. We provide everything from measuring a property’s energy performance to air testing, Psi-Values and Thermography Reports.

Home with EPC monitor
Home with EPC monitor


On average there is a 60% performance gap between how a property is predicted to perform and how it actually performs.

While an Energy Performance Certificate is a good measure of a building’s energy performance, our testing methods allow us to go further and evaluate how a building actually performs, using real-time energy, and temperature and weather data. This allows you to:

  • Get a precise energy performance rating
  • Compare it against its Energy Performance Certificate
  • Accurately measure improvement works.


Now you know how your property performs. But how do you decide which energy saving measures to install?

Our team can model different measures such as Solar PV, heating types and insulation (and many more) to ensure you pick the right measures that are suitable for your budget and energy performance target.

Home with EPC monitor


The end result! Once the energy saving measures have been installed, our team will go back to the start of the cycle to test and measure – and if necessary model and improve further.

Find out more

Get in touch to find out more about Building Performance Evaluation. Our team will be happy to talk to you about your aims and provide you with further information.


Home with EPC monitor

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