Building Performance Evaluation

Most buildings don’t perform as designed. Find out why with
Building Performance Evaluation:

  • Pinpoint the factors impacting on the building in use
  • Identify the root cause of performance issues
  • Improve performance


Home with EPC monitor

Home with EPC monitor

The benefits

  • Validate the performance of a building
  • Test and verify new housing stock
  • Accurately measure retrofit works
  • Reduce carbon emissions and energy use
  • Settle disputes between homeowners and builders

What is Building Performance Evaluation?

Building Performance Evaluation analyses how a building performs and detects any issues in its design, construction, commissioning, handover and operation.

This is crucial for meeting design targets, reducing Carbon emissions and increasing occupant satisfaction.

Why is it important?

Design intent rarely matches actual building performance, which is why it’s crucial to measure energy performance post occupancy. Using the latest techniques in the industry our team are able to test, measure, model and improve your buildings to ensure they meet design expectation and have an accurate energy efficiency rating.

Areas investigated:

  • Building fabric
  • Building services and controls strategies
  • Energy, fuel and water use
  • Handover and commissioning processes
  • Occupant satisfaction and comfort

How we work

Building Performance Evaluation is a consultative process whereby, along with testing, we provide you with expert advice and guidance to ensure your project needs are met.

Expert testing

Our team uses the latest industry methodologies and equipment, including Measured Energy Performance, Pulse Air tightness testing, and further investigative techniques such as Psi-Value and U-Value calculations, Thermography reports and Ventilation testing.

Quick, affordable, non-invasive

Testing is quick, affordable and can be done with the occupants in-situ. After testing has concluded, we will provide you with an in-depth report.

Home with EPC monitor

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