Can you complete your own SECR report?

Can you complete your own SECR report?

Under changes introduced by SECR regulations, large companies in the UK are required by law to report on their energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, and must include information on their actions relating to improving their energy efficiency in their annual report, or risk being fined.

There is a broad range of criteria that companies must provide information for, and this could prove to be confusing and complicated for companies with little experience in this area. If you’re wondering if you will have to hire a costly private contractor to complete this report for you, then we have some good news for you: Fortunately, Elmhurst Energy provides expert support services that allow you to complete your own SECR report hassle free.

Our expert consultants will actually complete the majority of your SECR report for you, whilst walking you through the process. Elmhurst Energy offers one-to-one sessions that allow you to learn all of the skills and knowledge needed to correctly complete a SECR report yourself, and you will receive a free SECR template that you can use to complete your annual SECR reports in the future.

If you’re unsure about what SECR is, then we recommend downloading our free express guide here that will help you to understand what the report is, which companies it applies to, and the deadline for completing it. As a bonus, you’ll also find our exclusive SECR cheat sheet.

If you’re still confused and would like more information on completing your own SECR report, feel free to contact our specialist SECR team. Elmhurst Energy has over 25 years of experience providing large companies in the UK with high quality energy audits, that help you to meet UK regulations and better understand your company’s energy usage data.

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