Multiple dwellings

Case Study - Multiple dwellings

The Project

Our client was building a small development of 6 houses and wanted to have one specification that could be used for all the dwellings on the site.

What we did

Having built a number of houses before, the customer was keen to use specific products and materials. Using these specific products we were able to include more detail in the key areas of the SAP calculation such as Thermal Mass and Thermal Bridges, both of which can have a positive impact on the design SAP calculations.  The client had intended to install gas combi boilers but had not yet specified an actual make or model.


The final design stage specification included all the products the customer wanted, plus we suggested minimum values to aim for in other areas such as the glazing, main entrance doors, and installation of gas combi boilers with Flue Gas Heat recovery units. Some areas of insulation needed to be increased but overall little change was needed.

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