Measured Energy Performance

Measured Energy Performance 

Providing warmer homes for tenants

In 2018 approximately 10% of households in England were living in fuel poverty. A household's fuel poverty status depends on the interaction between three main drivers:

  1. Energy efficiency 
  2. Energy Prices
  3. Household income 

By improving the energy efficiency of a property, less energy will be used and therefore less income will be spent on energy bills. 

We were approached by a social landlord who wanted to address the concerns of a tenant who was living in fuel poverty. The project is detailed below.

The client 

The client wished to verify the lodged EPC rating of a property after receiving multiple complaints from the occupant that they were cold and having to spend more on their fuel bills than they had expected.

What we did

We conducted a thorough assessment of the property (which was built in the early 2000s) and placed temperature sensors discretely around the house (on bookshelves and cupboards). After three weeks, we collected the sensors and combined this information with real-time weather and energy use data.

We used the information to produce a detailed Measured Energy Performance report which compared the calculated SAP score with the accurate measured energy performance rating, along with a number of suggestions for further analysis and some recommendations for potential improvement. 

The results

Our analysis discovered the property underperformed by 7.5% compared to its EPC score. We carried out some additional analysis and testing resulting in identifying some clear areas for improvement that the client implemented, which we will measure at a later date to assess the improvement pre and post-installation. 

The client has asked us to carry out this assessment for other properties where they have received similar complaints, with the aim of identifying underperforming property types and carrying out a coordinated programme of retrofit works that will bring the most benefit to tenants. 

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