Measured Energy Performance

Measured Energy Performance

Validation of energy saving measures

The project

We were approached by a housing association that wanted to validate the thermal performance of a prefabricated roof module and to establish if it performed as modelled and predicted. 

What we did

We advised our clinet that we should use our Measured Energy Performance service to accurately measure the thermal performance of the property both before and after the retrofit installation of the roof module. 

This involved deploying temperature sensors around the property for three weeks and combining the data with weather and energy use information pre installation of the roof module. After the contractors installed the prefabricated roof, we re-deployed the sensors and again measured the outcome performance. 

The results

The team concluded that the designed thermal properties of the retrofit installation had been achieved and the housing association could have confidence in the home performing as promised.  In this instance there was no case for further investigation.

Should the RdSAP and Measured Energy Performance report lead to a conclusion that the measured outcome performance was worse than predicted, (outside an acceptable tolerance level) we would have undertook further investigation to look for specific causes and remedies, using appropriate follow up assessment tools and techniques to detect the reasons for this difference. 

Examples of follow up assessment tools:

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