Chancellor to announce £2bn home insulation scheme

Chancellor to announce £2bn home insulation scheme

There can be much debate had about the best approaches to improving our UK housing stock in a prioritised and sequenced manner that builds on successive stages of home improvement, from insulation, to windows to boilers and controls. 

This scheme starts with the fabric first principle and I’m sure if delivered properly will see stimulation in economic activity and improve homes.  The grants being part of a wider green investment package will also involve retrofitting low carbon heating technology to social housing, whose stock in general has benefited from fabric improvements as part of their authorities or organisations policies and plans of improvement.

With many energy saving measure opportunities being tabled how does a housing organisation determine the best cost effective solution.  This is where we can help with our Measured energy performance service. By establishing the actual thermal performance of a property and not a predicted performance, this enables you quantify the true effect of energy improvement or fuel poverty alleviating measures, allowing tailored approaches to different architypes and ages of housing.

Find out more about our Measured Energy Performance service and how we can help you understand how your housing is performing, by clicking the link below.


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Article published 7th July 2020

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