Companies need to act now for ESOS Phase 2

Companies need to act now for ESOS Phase 2

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy is preparing to support the 10,000 businesses affected by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) which has now entered Phase 2. 

The compliance date is set for December 2019 and affects organisations with over 250 employees or those with an annual turnover in excess of £50m and with a balance sheet total in excess of £43m. Every business meeting the criteria requires some form of energy audit to ensure compliance or risks a substantial fine.

Businesses that qualify for the scheme must measure their energy consumption, conduct energy audits and send a report of compliance to the Environment Agency before the 5th December 2019 deadline. Elmhurst Energy Consultancy has an approved team of ESOS consultants to manage your ESOS Audits and ensure that you comply with ESOS and can advise on other routes to compliance, including ISO 50001 certification, Display Energy Certificates (DECS) and Green Deal Assessments.

The ESOS scheme is now considered a crucial part of the UK’s strategy to reduce its energy use and associated carbon emissions. The Environment Agency has now released a list of those companies that failed to comply with ESOS Phase 1, together with the fines imposed which ranged from £1,500 to £45,000. Phase 2 compliance is mandatory and those companies failing to comply will be prosecuted and financially penalised. Using Elmhurst Energy Consultancy to manage the ESOS audit process eliminates the risk of non-compliance to an organisation. 

“The capital cost of reducing energy use and improving energy efficiency can be quickly regained through the cost savings associated with spending less money on energy consumption,” says Martyn Reed, Managing Director. “The cost of the ESOS assessment will often be much less than the overall savings that can be made. We advise businesses who qualify for ESOS Phase 2 to get in touch with us as soon as possible to allow plenty of time to collate the data necessary for ESOS and organise an ESOS Audit. Starting early will also give you time to implement the recommendations provided from the ESOS Report.”

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Article published: 19th November 2018


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