Completing an ESOS Report from start to finish

Completing an ESOS Report from start to finish

There seems to be some mystique as to what goes into compiling an ESOS report. That’s why we’ve put together this express guide to let companies know what to expect and what they need to get ready! Our ESOS Lead Assessor Adrian Leithead explains...

Initial stages completing-an-esos-report-from-start-to-finish

Once a company contacts us we send them a form to complete so we have some information regarding what the company does, how big they are and the number of buildings they have.

Quote estimate

We then use this information to generate a quote estimate. This is not a final quote but it’s in the region of what we think the company can expect to pay, based on the information they have provided.

Scoping meeting

If the client wishes to proceed, we organise a scoping meeting where we discuss the process in more detail, including which data sets we require and to answer any questions the company might have. Most of the time we conduct these meetings face to face, but it is possible to conduct them via phone, depending on the organisation.

Final quote 

Using information gained from the scoping meeting, our team sends the client a scoping document complete with a final quote for work. The client signs this and sends it back before work commences.

Compilation of ESOS report

Once the team has received the required energy information, we will start to organise site visits and energy audits in order to analyse the data and compile the report.

Director sign-off and notification of compliance

The completed report is sent to the company for Director sign off. When we have received the signed report, the team (or company) submit a notification of compliance to the Environment Agency through the GOV.UK portal. Finally our team will send the client a copy of the completed ESOS report, evidence pack (which contains the raw data) and receipt of submission from the Environment Agency.

Get started on your ESOS report 

There's less than a month to go until the ESOS Phase 2 deadline of 5th December 2019. It is therefore imperative that you start this process as soon as possible in order to avoid a fine from the Environment Agency. Our expert ESOS consultants will be happy to advise you on how to achieve compliance - get in contact by emailing the team or calling: 01455 883 259. 

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