Consultancy takes centre stage at Future of Energy Conference

Consultancy takes centre stage at Future of Energy Conference

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy was delighted to feature at Elmhurst Energy’s Future of Energy Conference, which took place Tuesday 23rd November.

Chris Ricketts, the Business Manager for Consultancy, delivered a presentation on Measured Energy Performance and how it can be used to reduce the performance gap, compare As Built SAP calculations to actual performance, and measure the success of energy saving measures for retrofit.

Measured Energy Performance (MEP) is a pioneering new service which uses ground-breaking Smart HTC technology to calculate the thermal performance of a home. Whereas SAP calculates the heat coefficient number, MEP accurately measures it and allows for the accurate calculation of actual performance.


Chris Ricketts

Chris went on to talk about Consultancy’s work in delivering the UK’s first ECO demonstration measure using SmartHTC. They were able to help prove that Airex’s Smart Air Brick resulted in a 12-16% heating energy savings – made possible by accurately measuring the thermal performance of properties before and after its installation.

But why would energy assessors want to use Measured Energy Performance?

The theme of the day definitely skewed heavily towards retrofit, and whether the answer is hydrogen boilers or heat pumps, it’s clear that something has to be done to the UK’s existing leaky housing stock if the government is to achieve its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

A lot of government funded projects must follow the PAS 2035 process, which requires retrofit monitoring and evaluation. Even those that don’t follow PAS 2035 usually require some level of retrofit evaluation and measurement of actual performance.

Therefore, MEP provides the perfect solution in that it accurately measures the success of retrofit measures before and after their installation. It can be carried out with the occupants in the property, and can be easily repeatable across multiple properties.

Chris Ricketts’ message to energy assessors was later to be echoed by a rallying call to arms by Liz Male; the industry needs entrepreneurs! It needs energy assessors willing to adopt new and emerging technology, to see a gap in the market and to differentiate themselves and, ultimately, to provide a unique and valuable service that the sector is crying out for.

For example, Energy Assessors could incorporate this into their retrofit work, to demonstrate the value of energy saving measures, or the success of a project. Or perhaps they want to differentiate themselves by measuring actual performance vs. As Built SAP scores to help close the performance gap. Or maybe someone wants to know why their bills are so high, which can be investigated using MEP.

Chris brought his talk to a close by stressing that MEP is not a rival or replacement to SAP; it’s something that serves to underline its value and make it even more accurate.

No one can predict the future of energy, but everyone knows that change requires progress, and those who adapt to it first are usually the winners. 

Want to find out more about MEP?

We will be running a number of sessions where you can find out more about MEP and start offering the service yourself. Register your interest here.

Article published 26/11/21

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