Delivering the UK's first ECO3 Demonstration Measure

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy helps deliver the UK’s first Demonstration Action!

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy was recently involved in delivering the UK's first Demonstration Actions under the ECO scheme with smart air brick technology provider AirEx.

Project background

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government initiative that places legal obligations on large energy suppliers to deliver energy efficiency and heating measures to homes across the UK. Under ECO3 energy suppliers are encouraged to deliver 10% of their obligation through the installation of innovative measures. The two main routes are ‘monitored measures’ and ‘demonstration actions’ – both which require the measurement of as-installed performance.

AirEx is a smart airbrick that opens to reduce humidity and closes to reduce heat loss, thus providing adequate comfort to occupants without compromising on air quality. This is especially important after the installation of energy saving measures which can lead to decreased levels of ventilation. 

But how can you prove that AirEx reduces heat loss?  The answer lies in measuring the actual performance of a property, rather than using models which use calculated values to predict heat loss. SmartHTC is a methodology that uses over 10,000 data points to accurately measure the thermal performance of a property and can therefore be used to assess energy saving measures before and after their installation. 

Project summary

A field trial was conducted across 115 homes and involved the analysis of over 5 million data points.

SmartHTC was used to measure the whole building heat loss pre- and post-AirEx treatment in 82 occupied homes, along with floor U-Values, void temperature and humidity monitoring.

The study showed that AirEx:

  • reduces whole house heat loss by 12% - 16%;
  • reduces ground floor heat loss by 20% - 23%.

The study is perhaps the largest of its kind and delivered at a fraction of the cost compared to conducting a similar co-heating style test.

The future of building performance measurement

Being able to accurately measure the heat loss from buildings is crucial when assessing the effectiveness of energy saving measures.

SmartHTC is affordable, non-invasive and repeatable - and the methodology that sits behind Elmhurst Energy Consultancy’s new Measured Energy Performance (MEP) service!

MEP accurately measures the energy performance of a property and is perfect for companies looking to gain validation for innovative measures under ECO3. Elmhurst will project manage the process from end-to-end and provide you with a detailed analysis of how properties performed pre and post installation of an energy saving measure, along with suggestions for further improvement. 

Want to find out more?

This process has been successfully used for a range of projects, including retrofit monitoring and evaluation. 

Get in touch to find out more about Measured Energy Performance. 


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