Details of 16 million EPCs and DECs made open data

Details of 16 million EPCs and DECs made open data

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has made the register of Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates accessible, with a new powerful, user friendly application. Access to the data is free and requires users to complete a simple registration process, which takes seconds.

The BBC had an influence in making the data public when, in January 2014, they attempted to get access to the data under the Environmental Information Regulations. When their request was rejected they took their case to the Information Commissioner who agreed that the ability to download EPCs individually did not meet the legal definition of "easily accessible".

Last year, and in preparation for this new feature, DCLG created a function on the central register page where home owners could opt out of having their property details made public.In the right hands this valuable data resource can be used to drive forward the value of energy certificates. 

It must be remembered that an EPC is legally valid for up to  ten years and therefore much of the information given on the website could be out of date because the methodology has changed over time, fuel prices change and, building owners have improved their property which may not have been reflected in a new EPC. It may be time to consider the validity of EPCs and reduce it down, before poor analysis leads to misleading conclusions.

To access the data first you need to register by clicking here.

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