Don't forget to file your ESOS Phase 2 report!

Don't forget to file your ESOS Phase 2 report!

Every four years, large UK companies are required to submit an energy report to the Environment Agency. This is due to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, a piece of EU legislation that all companies must comply with, if they meet the qualification criteria. 
 What is defined as a large company under the ESOS guidelines?
 You are required to submit an ESOS Phase 2 energy compliance report if your company:
 - Hires 250 employees or more
 - Has an annual balance sheet in excess of £43 million, AND an annual turnover exceeding £50 million.
 It is estimated that there are 10,000 businesses that meet these criteria and therefore must submit their energy report.
 When is the deadline?
 The deadline to submit your ESOS Phase 2 report is the 5th December 2019 - so the sooner you send it off, the better!
 What does the ESOS Phase 2 compliance report consist of?

The report you'll send off to the Environment Agency consists of a 12-month consecutive period of energy data, including consumption and, if applicable, production. This 12-month period must include the qualification date, which is the 31st of December 2018.

What happens if I don't submit the ESOS Phase 2 report on time?

If you miss the 5th of December deadline, you could face a serious penalty of up to £50,000 - on top of this, there could be an additional £500 fine for every missed day following the deadline. This penalty also applies if you submit a false or misleading energy report - so make sure everything is correct before you send it off.

Choose Elmhurst Energy Consultancy

In order for you to send off your energy report, you must hire an ESOS Lead Assessor, who will complete a Phase 2 audit by examining the 12-month period of energy data and, most likely, carry out a visit to your business premises. During Phase 1 of ESOS, our clients had a 100% compliance rate, and this is an achievement we endeavour to continue into Phase 2. Elmhurst Energy also consults on matters such as SAP calculations, SBEM calculations, as well as ESOS audits and assessments.

Article published 22th November 2019

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