Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM)

Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM)

Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) is a software package used to model the energy performance of typically larger/complex commercial buildings which require Level 5 EPCs.

DSM uses 3D modelling on Level 5 commercial buildings, identified from specific features such as atriums, automatic blind control and ventilation with enhanced thermal coupling.

Typical examples of level 5 buildings include airport terminals, shopping centres and skyscrapers. If you are unsure if your building qualifies as a Level 5 building, don't worry, Elmhurst Energy Services can determine what level of assessment is required and can carry out the appropriate calculations/assessments based on the complexity of your commercial building.

Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) v Simplified Building Energy Modelling (SBEM)

Like SBEM, DSM can also be used for compliance with Building Regulations/Standards.

Although DSM is used to produce Level 5 EPCs it can also be applied to simpler commercial buildings. DSM offers greater accuracy in comparison to SBEM software, as it takes into account external/environmental forces which can influence occupancy, behavioural and energy use profiles.  

We have already seen a trend towards using DSM to ensure compliance with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). This is due to improved accuracy which can often yield a better energy rating when compared to results from SBEM.

You can see from the list below the high level of detail that DSM covers:

  • Hourly weather data with time step control
  • Building (and PV etc) orientation and inclination modelled at 1 degree increments
  • Ability to model geometry for better results
  • More control over modelling of thermal bridging
  • Inclusion of internal openings
  • Improved modelling of glazing, daylight and solar shading, and also reflection
  • Inter-zone heat transfer and better modelling of thermal mass

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