Elmhurst Energy Consultancy lends expertise to groundbreaking Smarter Choices Programme

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy lends expertise to groundbreaking Smarter Choices Programme

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy is working with industry leading bodies to help SMEs secure funding for energy efficiency improvements through the newly created Smarter Choices Programme.

The aim is to simplify the process for companies' access to energy saving measures by providing a single digital platform with bundled access to financing, the choice of recommended and accredited contractors, integration of the latest Measurement & Verification (M&V) technology and performance insurance.

Non-Domestic Energy Assessors would lie at the heart of the process, conducting energy assessments, providing advice to clients and project managing the process. 

Resource, experience and solutions 

As a leading provider of energy management advice with over 25 years' industry experience, Elmhurst Energy Consultancy was well placed to offer its support and guidance to the project.

Using our unique knowledge of government methodolgies, and access to a membership base of over 7000 accredited energy assessors, we have been able to assist in creating a bespoke solution for Smarter Choices that can be rolled out at scale. 

Elmhurst Consultancy’s Chris Ricketts said “we are delighted to working with such a great team on this exciting project. I see the role of Elmhurst s to ensure that the team know and understand the contribution that can be made by non-domestic energy assessors. In our view the solution, whatever that looks like, must be scalable and that would be most effective if it is built upon established resources, tools and processes".

At the forefront of Innovation

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy has frequently been at the forefront of innovation in the industry, drawing upon its over 25 years' experience and unrivalled technical expertise to provide the best energy management services to clients.

The company recently launched its Measured Energy Performance service which uses measured HTC values to produce a measured Energy Report. It is currerently one of the only tools on the market that can accurately assess the thermal performance of a building, drawing on multiple data points including energy use and weather reports. 

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You can find out more about our Consultancy's energy management services, including Smart HTC, using the details below: 
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Article published 16th June 2020

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