Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) Phase 2 Update

Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) Phase 2 Update

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy explains what has happened with ESOS  since the end of Phase 1.

For a refresher - What is ESOS?

The ethos behind ESOS is to reduce UK based organisations energy consumption that goes hand in hand with saving large undertakings,
carbon emissions and money, so that the costs of the ESOS audit itself are more than paid back if the identified energy saving measures are implemented.

We can help companies achieve this. We are passionate about energy rating and we work from the viewpoint that ESOS should be less about pain and more about the opportunity to save costs.

We are already working with companies and their management teams to ensure they understand and meet their specific requirements for ESOS compliance.
The first and most important action is to find out whether your business needs to comply with ESOS. If the answer is yes, then you should contact an ESOS consultant, such as Elmhurst Energy Consultancy, as soon as possible. We can manage the audit process on your behalf, to eliminate risk, minimise
your costs and maximise your return on investment.

Tackling non-compliance from Phase 1

The Environment Agency (EA) has announced that their enforcement department have: Investigated 2,400 organisations, gained a further 240 participants through the service of an Enforcement Notice and have a further 190 Enforcement Notice cases which are currently ongoing. The EA also have commenced civil
penalty proceedings against a number of non-compliant organisations. The civil penalties they have imposed will be published on .Gov.UK after the penalties have been issued and the applicable appeal times have lapsed. The figures above will change as there enforcement works progresses. In addition to these figures there are a number of cases being investigated and enforced by UK devolved administrations.

Phase 2 Qualification Date (31st December 2018 ~ 5th December 2019)

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy believe that Phase 2 ESOS Lead Assessors will be busier than they were in Phase 1 due to the “EA” issuing enforcement
procedures against the non-compliant organisations.

ESOS Energy Audits have the potential to increase business profitability and competiveness by identifying cost-effective energy savings which, if implemented will improve the organisations energy efficiency. ESOS Energy Audits must be carried out or reviewed by a registered ESOS Lead Assessor.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change commissioned Ipsos MORI and University College London in April 2015 to undertake a process evaluation of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and to design, and collect baseline evidence for, a future longer term impact evaluation. This report presents findings from the process evaluation and a discussion of evidence relating to early signals of impact .

As a part of the evaluation an external assessors were interviewed for a part of the case studies they also expressed concerns about report quality. One said that more guidance, or provision of examples of high and low quality energy audit reports would have helped external auditors self-regulate, and helped set expectations for client organisations as to what quality of reporting they could expect.

If you want to find out more about ESOS Phase 2 there is a link provided below. Also feel free to discuss your ESOS needs by getting in touch with the team.

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