Environmental Agency Release ESOS Newsletter

Environmental Agency Release ESOS Newsletter

The Environment Agency has released its latest ESOS newsletter containing the latest updates and key information relating to the scheme.

In their October edition, the newsletter reveals the penalties issued to companies that failed to comply with ESOS Phase 1, research on energy audits and reporting, and guidance on Phase 2 qualification and compliance.

Research on Energy Audits & Reporting including ESOS

BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) has commissioned research contractors Ipsos Mori to evaluate the effectiveness of energy audits and energy reporting in driving up standards in energy efficiency.

Companies that qualified for ESOS Phase 1 will be contacted and asked to complete a 20 minute telephone survey, with some asked to take part in a follow up conversation of around 45 minutes. The research project is scheduled to take place in October to December 2018 and will impact discussions on future energy efficiency policy.

Phase 2 Qualification and Compliance

The Environment Agency has provided businesses with guidance on what they should and should not be doing at this stage.

They are advising companies that they should be carrying out ESOS energy audits for the supplies they intend to include in their Significant Energy Consumption. On the other hand companies should not: definitively determine qualification status, calculate their Total Energy Consumption (TEC) and definitively selecting their Areas of Significant Energy Consumption.

The upcoming ESOS qualification deadline of 31st December is fast approaching, meaning time is limited to ensure compliance. Our qualified ESOS assessors have a wealth of experience in this area, producing detailed reports that will help you identify cost savings while satisfying current rules and legislation. You can find out more here The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) 

Artcile published 12/10/18

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