ESOS Qualification date has now passed – Phase 2 is underway

ESOS Qualification date has now passed – Phase 2 is underway

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy would like to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year, and we hope 2019 will prove to be a prosperous year for all.This New Year was a little different for some businesses, as it not only marked the start of 2019 but also the start of ESOS Phase 2. The qualification date was 31st December 2018, so as of the start of 2019, all those organisations meeting the qualifying criteria must now comply with Phase 2.

*Qualifying Criteria is 250 or more employees, or an annual turnover in excess of €50 million, and an annual balance sheet total in excess of €43 million*

The deadline to prove compliance is 5th December 2019. By this date, organisations must have:

  1. Appointed an ESOS Lead Assessor
  2. Determined an appropriate route to compliance
  3. Undertaken a scoping meeting
  4. Worked with an ESOS Lead Assessor to arrange for site visits, data analysis and report writing to be completed
  5. Submitted notification of compliance to the Environment Agency

Although the deadline allows organisations 11 months from now to prove compliance, it is our advice for organisations who think they are required to participate, to act at their earliest convenience. The process of data gathering, undertaking site visits, and ensuring funds are available to complete the audit can take time, so an early start will help to ensure you are not penalised for late compliance.

For ESOS Phase 1, there was some leeway given on the compliance deadline because the scheme was new and organisations were given little notice of the audits. However, ESOS has now been underway since 2014, so organisations are expected to be well aware of their obligation to comply. As a result, the Environment Agency have reinforced the deadline of 5th December 2019 is definitive, and those who fail to prove compliance by this date will receive penalties.

Nonetheless, although the scheme and the potential penalties involved may be perceived as a financial and administrative burden, ESOS stands for the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme, and we believe it should be viewed as just that – an opportunity to save energy and subsequently, to save money. The possible savings organisations can achieve through implementing the ESOS recommendations vary but can be very significant, and doesn’t always required much initial investment. Although, at present, organisations are not mandated to implement the ESOS recommendations to prove compliance, it is advised that it would be beneficial to undertake at least the zero or low cost options, from which the savings gained should help to offset the cost of the ESOS audit.

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy, with over 25 years industry leading experience in energy management and compliance, are expertly placed to act as the ESOS Lead Assessors, completing and managing the audit on your behalf to ensure compliance. Further information about our ESOS Compliance services click this ESOS.

Alternatively you can get in touch by calling 01455 883 259, and a member of the team would be happy to assist you.

Article published on 2nd January 2019

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