Find out how your properties really perform  with Measured Energy Performance

Find out how your properties really perform with Measured Energy Performance

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy is delighted to announce the launch of our new Measured Energy Performance service, which can accurately measure the energy efficiency performance of a building and provide clients with bespoke advice. 

What is Measured Energy Performance?

This pioneering new service uses a combination of data inputs, low cost temperature sensors and energy use data to deliver a quick, low cost and practical way of measuring the performance of properties. 

As part of the service, clients will receive a comprehensive report containing detailed analysis on how their properties perform compared to their calculated SAP score, along with expert guidance on how to improve their properties in a targeted and cost-effective way.


The Benefits of Measured Energy Performance

  • Validate the energy performance rating of a building.
  • Identify underperforming properties.
  • Measure improvements before and after retrofit installations. 
  • More accurate than RdSAP and SAP.

How does it work?

The assessment is performed with little intrusion and with the owners in-situ.

Small temperature sensors are placed around the house (usually on a book case or on top of a cupboard) which gather data over a 3 week period. Our expert team of energy consultants combine this data with weather and energy use information to calculate the smart heat transfer coefficient (HTC) score and assess how the house performs.

Developed in conjunction with BTS and SMETER Innovation Program

This new service was developed using Smart HTC technology created by Build Test Solutions, who have gained a reputation as innovators in building performance measurement. Smart HTC is part of the Smart Meter Enabled Thermal Efficiency Ratings (SMETER) Innovation Programme overseen by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The aim of the scheme is to develop, test and demonstrate technologies that measure the thermal performance of homes using smart meter and other data.

Tried and tested

The technology has already been used by housing associations and housebuilders looking to verify the EPC rating of their houses and measure improvements.

When speaking on fuel poverty and social housing Consultancy Manager Christ Ricketts said:

“The latest assessment technology is now making it possible to measure and tackle the energy performance gap. Through the Measured Energy Performance rating we now have a methodology and real time data; no assumptions, no guesses, just data, and the chance to ensure ECO-funded retrofit programmes, Green Homes Grants and other energy efficiency initiatives are accurately targeted and highly effective.”

Find out more about Measured Energy Performance

You can register your interest in Measured Energy Performance here 

If you would like to find out more about the service, contact the team using the details below.


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Article published 7th September

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