Heat pump manufacturers predict a surge in sales

Heat pump manufacturers predict a surge in sales

The heat pump market is expected to almost double this year as manufacturers have ordered nearly twice the number of heat pumps ordered in 2019.

Around 67,000 units have been ordered by manaufacturers so far this year, compared to 35,000 that were sold in 2019. This shows significant growth for the sector and a promising start for 2021. So why the change? 

The government's commitment towards net-zero green house gas emissions by 2050 has led to a flurry of consultations concerning Building Regulations for domestic and commercial properties. Low carbon heating technologies, such as heat pumps, will play a central role in helping buildings to achieve compliance with the new regulations. In some respects, heat pumps are essentially becoming an unofficial requirement in order to meet the new building regulations; you are free to use other heating/cooling methods but it becomes very difficult to achieve compliance in regards to the CO2 emissions. 

Phil Hurley, chairman of the Heat Pump Association said the nearly doubling of the market is a "major achievement at a time when decarbonising homes is not just desirable, it is imperative," and added that the association's members are determined to make the forecast a reality and have "clearly underpinned this with their expanded order". 

"The estimate of 67,000 heat pumps in 2021 shows the confidence of the members of the HPA in providing the scale-up of heat pumps required for the Prime Minister's ten-point plan. This is only the beginning of a long journey, but we are off to an incredibly promising start". 

‘Elmhurst Energy Consultancy welcomes the fact that low-carbon heating is becoming more mainstream, which will help the UK reach its net zero carbon emissions target. 

Article published 10/02/21

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