Housing Energy Modelling

Housing Energy Modelling 

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can help you to comply with the latest standards for building efficiency reporting within your existing housing stock/portfolio.

By using our Housing Energy Modelling service we can produce an energy efficiency report for your housing stock and can also model improvement measures, highlighting both their cost and impact.

This service meets the critical need of both private and social landlords, who want to know the energy efficiency of their portfolio, identify properties required for retrofit and cost up efficient improvement measures. 

About our Energy Modelling Service

The consultancy and reporting service we provide is split into two options, which can cover efficiency reporting as well as full housing energy modelling. 

Option 1 - Establishing the current SAP Rating

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can undertake a full data search across your portfolio, which can determine the overall energy efficiency and provide an average SAP rating. We will also highlight exactly where your housing stock must be improved (properties with a low SAP score). This information forms the basis of the energy efficiency report for your existing portfolio. 

Option 2 - Recommendations and Modelling improvement 

With this option, we can produce an energy efficiency report of your current housing stock and can also predict SAP or carbon savings for a number of proposed scenarios. Option Two includes full housing energy modelling where we can accurately predict SAP, carbon savings and demonstrate return on investment for a number of proposed scenarios (installing loft insulation, cavity wall etc).

Associated Costs 

The cost for this service varies on a case by case basis, as this is established by the level of service provided, the size of your portfolio, and the amount of existing energy data currently available. The typical cost for this service is charged per line of data that is produced.

Please bear in mind that with limited energy data we may need to perform a site visit/on-site survey in order to collect the relevant energy data required for accurate reporting- this will incur an additional charge.

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