How to attain building regulations approval

How to attain building regulations approval

If you are an architect, property surveyor or housing provider seeking to attain building regulations compliance, it’s important to remember that carrying out a SAP calculation is a crucial step in the process. But don’t worry, Elmhurst Energy Consultancy is here to help!
In this guide we offer four simple steps to attaining building regulations approval:

1. Choosing your consultancy company or surveyor
You should make sure that your consultancy company uses a qualified On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor (OCDEA) who is accredited with a reputable industry body.
Only qualified and accredited assessors are able to carry out SAP calculations and lodge EPCs for new build properties. Using their specialist knowledge of building regulations/ standards, they will be well placed to advise you and help you achieve compliance. 

2.  Don’t forget your Design Stage SAP calculation!
An As Designed SAP calculation is carried out before building work has started to ensure your proposed building is compliant with Building Regulations/ Standards. Carrying out retrospective work in order to meet compliance can be costly, so it is advisable to carry this out as soon as possible.  
3) The Air Tightness Test 
The Design SAP calculation will contain an air test target figure which will need to be met in order for the building to gain compliance. 
Once the property has been built, you will need to carry out an air tightness test as part of the As-Built SAP calculation (step 4). Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can arrange this for you, using our trusted third party company iATS, and avoiding the hassle of arranging your own test. 

4) The As-Built SAP Calculation 
Once the property has been built, and air tightness certificate has been produced, an As Built SAP calculation is performed to confirm if anything has changed during the building process, before being lodged as an Energy Performance Certificate. 

That's a wrap on the key steps towards building standards compliance - you see, it was easy, wasn't it?

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