How to complete a SECR report

How to complete a SECR report

The financial year for many companies is coming to an end. But for over 10,000 UK companies this is only the beginning...! Companies in scope for Streanlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) must include a SECR report within their directors' report to Companies House. 

The process of completing a Streamlined Energy and Carbon Report (SECR) can be a pain-free process and is something we can help with. The overall process is outlined below:

1.     Contact us to request a quotation.

2.     We will send you a quotation form to fill out, informing us on the complexity of the company.

3.     Once we have received the completed form we will provide you with a quotation. 

4.     Upon accepting the quote, you will send us the relevant energy data for processing.

5.     We will then process the energy data into the format required for SECR reporting. 

6.     We will also require further information in the form of an industry-relevant intensity ratio and any energy efficient actions taken in the financial year. 

7.     The completed report is sent to you ready to submit to Companies House.

The best method of completing SECR reports quickly is to ensure that the energy data is monitored and reported in a way that allows for the easy manipulation of the data. Diligent tracking on energy bills and meter readings is the most effective way of achieving this.

You can complete the SECR report yourself or instruct an energy consultant to complete it for you. Choosing to use an energy consultant to complete your SECR report will save you time and ensure your report meets compliance. However, you might choose to complete the SECR report yourself to save money- especially if you are familair with your company's processes. If you opt to complete the SECR report yourself we would recommend having an energy consultant walk you through the process in the first instance. This will ensure you know the reporting requirements and how to correctly gather and interpret data with the view to becoming self sufficient in the following years. You can find out about both routes below. 

Want to find out more?

Find out more about SECR including our Self-Service SECR where you can learn how to complete your own SECR report! 

Article published 29/03/22

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