IKEA: The Future of UK Housing?

IKEA: The Future of UK Housing?

Worthing Council is considering working with the company that owns IKEA to build more homes in the area.

The project would see 163 new homes being built off site to be assembled in the area – although BoKlock, the company that owns IKEA, is distancing itself from the IKEA ‘flatpack’ brand, saying: "It is about a high-quality off-site manufacturing process that allows us to assemble them quickly in a safe and sustainable environment, which we know that both employees and customers appreciate."

Under the proposed deal, Woking would get 30% of the housing, where prices are currently 11 times higher than the average salary, compared with 8 times nationally. The remaining 70% of properties would go to BoKlock.

The company has already built 11,000 homes in Sweden, Finland and Norway, and has hinted at working with Worthing Council on other upcoming projects.

It is unclear as to what compliance regulations the buildings will have to follow, but it would be assumed that as newly built domestic dwellings they would have to follow normal Building Regulations/ Standards, which includes a full SAP report.

News of Boklock’s foray into the UK housing market has so far generated positive support online, with many people gaining reassurance from the company’s track record of building houses in Scandanavia.

With building due to start next September and the first homes to be assembled in January 2021, people won’t have to wait long to see the results.

It is also believed that each house comes fitted with an IKEA kitchen.

Article published 3rd July 2019

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