Importance of Air Tightness Testing

Importance of Air Tightness Testing

What is Air Tightness Testing?

Air Tightness Testing is a recognised method that measure the uncontrolled airflow in a building. It ensures that there are no holes or gaps in the building fabric that may draw cold air from outside sources and plays an important part in establishing the energy performance of a dwelling.

Why is Air Tightness Testing important?

Reduces Emission of Greenhouse Gases
Reducing air leakage is beneficial for both the client and the environment. It can minimise carbon dioxide emission, which is one of the main drivers of global warming. Greenhouse gases that get trapped in the atmosphere may result in a harmful impact on the environment, therefore, by making sure that your building is compliant with building regulations, you can do your part in creating a healthier environment.

Brings Comfort to the Occupants
The excessive loss of heated air in a room can cause uneven temperature, which makes it hard for occupants to remain motivated and focused. Uneven temperature can also affect their health as it can cause stress and other illnesses. Having an air tightness test ensures that there is no unnecessary heat loss, providing a comfortable and healthy environment for occupants.

Complies with building regulations
To comply with Part L of building regulations, your commercial or residential property must undergo air tightness testing. The results of this test will be used within energy efficiency calculations (SAP or SBEM) for a more detailed assessment.

Lower your energy consumption
Air Tightness Testing establishes the rate of air leakage within a building in order to identify and prevent heated air from escaping. This allows your building’s HVAC system to work efficiently, increasing your savings with your utility bills.

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