LEGO: the answer to sustainable housing?

LEGO: the answer to sustainable housing?

Most people are familiar with LEGO; using brightly coloured bricks to make a variety of different structures. It’s this concept of being able to use a limited number of components to create a variety of designs that Sustainer Homes is looking to emulate.

The Dutch start-up’s modular system allows builders and architects to turn any design into a circular carbon-neutral building – speeding up the building process and cutting costs.

The sustainable and circular construction system only uses renewable materials – the structural skeleton of each Sustainer Home comprising of certified wood from certain Finnish forests with minimal use of polluting materials such as plaster, cements, concrete and steel.  

Each home is well insulated, triple glazed, air tight, damp-proof and equipped with solar panels and light panels.

“If we want to live sustainably with ten billion people, we will need to re-invent the way we construct our buildings,” said CEO and co-founder Gert van Vugt. “We’ve already shown how to make individual homes in a fully sustainable way. In five years, we have modernized the building process as well, with an industrial, standardized supply chain covering most of Europe. We will look back at the current way of building and think: ‘why didn’t we do this decades ago?’”

It is expected that the houses will be available by mid-2020, with the Netherlands earmarked ad the first country to trial the homes. And with building’s responsible for 30% of carbon emissions, it should be interesting to see what impact this style of housing will have.

Article published 4th September 2019 

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