Measured Energy Performance for Housebuilders

Measured Energy Performance for Housebuilders 

Verify the energy performance of your houses

Demonstrate your homes perform as promised with our Measured Energy Performance service. 



What is Measured Energy Performance?

Measured Energy Performance accurately measures the energy efficiency performance of a property and is much more reliable when compared to traditional methods, such as SAP and RdSAP which use assumptions. Our expert assessors will provide you with a comprehensive report outlining how your properties perform compared to their SAP EPC scores, together with detailed analysis on how to improve and optimise your properties.

The benefits of Measured Energy Performance

Verify performance

Set yourself apart and prove to consumers that your houses perform as promised.

Identify problems

Are a particular group of properties underperforming? With Measured Energy Performance you can uncover and address critical pinch points.

Get ahead of the game

The Future Homes Standard has proposed a tightening of building regulations, due to the performance gap that exists between the actual and predicted energy efficiency performance of buildings. Get ahead of the game and address any discrepancies now before they come into effect.

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Quick, Easy, Accurate

Using the latest cutting edge technology, our expert assessors collect temperature, weather and energy use data over a 3 week period, which is used alongside SAP methodology, to accurately measure the energy performance of a property.

The test can be carried out on one or multiple property types, giving you an accurate picture of how your properties actually perform compared to their SAP Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scores. This information can be further analysed to identify areas of concern and opportunities for building optimisation.

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Delivered by the experts

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy has over 25 years’ experience providing high quality energy performance analyses for the built environment.

To find out more about Measured Energy Performance contact the team:


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