Measured Energy Performance for Modular Housing

Measured Energy Performance for Modular Housing

Finally prove that modular housing is the future of housing with a Measured Energy Performance Report. 

Showcase the future of high performance buildings 

Modular Housing can deliver high performance building projects that are sustainable, cost-effective and energy efficient. These attributes are on the wish list of every council, Housing Association and private enterprise and yet the uptake of modular housing is not widespread. With Measured Energy Performance you will be able to prove the superior quality building processes and value to stakeholders with a detailed analysis carried out by one of the industry's most trusted experts in the built environment.

What is Measured Energy Performance?

Measured Energy Performance is an exciting new service which accurately measures the energy efficiency performance of a property.  Using the latest cutting edge software and industry standard methodologies, our expert assessors compare the energy rating of a building to its predicted SAP EPC score and provide a detailed analysis of the results, including recommendations, in a report.

The benefits of Measured Energy Performance

Verify performance

Check your property is performing as promised.

A recognised stamp of approval

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy has over 25 years' experience in the built environment and is one of the industry's most trusted carbon and energy auditors. By presenting stakeholders with a recognised symbol of quality you will be able to independently verify your energy rating and high building standards.

Gain unique insights

Using the latest cutting edge technology and industry standard software we are able to scrutinise your investigate, enhance and optimise the performance of your product.

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Delivered by the experts

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy has over 25 years’ experience providing high quality energy performance analyses for the built environment.

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