Measured Energy Performance - Subscriber Service

Measured Energy Performance - Subscriber Service

Provide clients with an accurate energy report

Show your clients how their properties really perform with Measured Energy Performance. This is currently the only non-invasive and affordable service available which allows you to accurately measure the energy efficiency performance of a property and produce an accurate energy report. 

How it works

Our subscriber service offers excellent value for money, whereby Measured Energy Performance calculations can be purchased in batches of five. The process is simple:

You carry out an assessment of the property (similar to an RdSAP survey) and pass the data to Elmhurst Energy Consultancy. The team combines this information with real-time weather, temperature and energy use data in order to produce a Heat Transfer Co-efficient (HTC) score which is used in SAP software to accurately measure the energy efficiency of the property. 

You can present this information to clients for comparison with their SAP score in an energy report and provide bespoke recommendations.  

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More accurate than RdSAP and SAP

RdSAP and SAP are the industry standard methodologies for calculating the energy performance of a building. The problem? They’re heavily reliant on assumptions, which has led to the creation of a ‘performance gap’ between how a property is predicted to perform and how it actually performs.

With Measured Energy Performance you can:

  • Verify property performance
  • Show homeowners the difference energy efficiency measures have made
  • Help shape investment programs and provide valuable information for helping customers heat their homes
  • Open up a whole branch of consultancy for your business
  • Shape the advice given to housebuilders regarding routes to compliance.
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Non-invasive and simple to perform

Data collection is much like an RdSAP survey- with the addition of collecting energy use data from the meters at the property. The temperature sensors will be supplied by Elmhurst Energy Consultancy and can be discretely placed around the property e.g. on a book shelf.

Step 1

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Complete assessment on property and place temperature sensors around the house.

Step 2

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Collect the sensors after 3 weeks and email the data to Consultancy.

Step 3

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Receive your data from the team, which you can feedback to the client.

Delivered by the experts

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy has over 25 years’ experience providing high quality energy performance analyses for the built environment.

To find out more about Measured Energy Performance contact the team:


Tele: 01455 883 259

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