Meet the new faces in Consultancy!

Meet the new faces in Consultancy!

If starting a new job wasn't challenging enough, try starting it during a pandemic! At the end of last year we were delighted to welcome Melissa Holding and James Brooman into the team and thought it high time we introduce you our new starters.

So first of all, what's it like starting a new job in the middle of a pandemic?

M: It’s weird! It feels like I’ve not properly started because I’m working from home and I’ve not met my work colleagues face to face yet. But I’m sure that will change. 

J: It's definitely been strange working from home but I guess it's the new normal isn't it? 

M: We've had a tour of the building and had an induction from home but it's very strange to not be in an office or sat next to people. 

What are your roles with Consultancy?

M: I’ll be focusing on the On Construction/ new build side of the business. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the industry and I’m due to go on the OCDEA qualification course next week, which I’m looking forward to.

I’ll also be getting involved in some of the project work for Consultancy, which is a really exciting area of the business. There’s some interesting projects in the pipeline such as Smarter Choices, the Green Homes Grant and Measured Energy Performance, so I can’t wait to get started!

J: I've just attended the non-domestic level 3& 4 course because I'll be focussing on commercial buildings and other related services. I've been involved in our new Self-Service SECR service which, I have to admit, I had to look up! It stands for Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting and there's a fierce debate whether it's pronounced 'Seeker' or 'S-E-C-R'. 

Why did you want to work for Consultancy?

M: I graduated from Coventry University with a degree in Geography in Natural Hazards and I wanted to work in energy and sustainability. I was looking at various graduate jobs and I saw the role with Consultancy advertised. Reading through the job description, I instantly knew I wanted to do this – it was to do with energy and sustainability and the training opportunities really attracted me.

I’ve also had the chance to read a lot of the reports prepared by Elmhurst (Systems and Consultancy) and I’m really excited to just do it myself.

J: I studied Geography at Loughborough University and found the course really interesting. I knew when I graduated it was going to be hard to find work because of the current situation but I saw the position advertised at Elmhurst and jumped at the chance. 

And finally, what's been your favourite thing about working for the company?

M: It's hard to tell because it's only been a few weeks -  and of course because of the restrictions we haven't really been able to go in. But despite that I would say the people. It's a very friendly company and that's come across through Teams, which has really helped with settling in. 

J: I would say the same. Everyone's been very welcoming, but I also like how there's a lot to get involved in. 

Article published 29/01/21

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