No more fossil fuel boilers in homes after 2025

No more fossil fuel boilers in homes after 2025

With the Chancellor's spring statement on the 13th of March came several interesting plans for the future of the UK, but most relevant to us was the plan to stop the installation of fossil fuel boilers in new homes built after 2025.

This new pledge is a great step forwards in tackling the surprisingly high emissions that originate from our homes; 14% of the UK’s total emissions come directly from houses with another 15% from the electricity they consume. By stopping fossil fuel boilers in new builds, the direct 14% can be significantly reduced. Coupled with the Chancellors associated plan to make these new homes “world leaders in energy efficiency”, the issue of domestic emissions can be sorted.

Over the next six years houses will increasingly be required to meet more energy efficient building regulations but by going above and beyond the requirements now, can make your home ready for the future.

There are a plethora of alternative options for heating houses each with their own benefits and drawbacks but all with the reduced emissions when compared to conventional fossil fuel systems. A few examples of these alternatives are air/ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal panels; all of which can benefit from thermal storing technology.

Similarly there are a huge number of options for making the best use of this more sustainable heat by ensuring your home is more thermally efficient. Already constructed buildings can benefit from insulation retrofitting (external, internal, floor, roof and around openings) and planned constructions can choose to use higher efficiency building fabrics than is currently required.

While the short term investment of these improvements may appear large, the long term savings gained through using less energy for heating will eventually outweigh them. This means reduced energy bills for the occupier and reduced emissions for the country and even the planet as a whole.

With the legal commitments of the UK to the Paris agreement, and other climate change conferences, it is likely that more measures like this plan to ban fossil fuel boilers will come into force. It is a sensible idea to get ahead of the curve and add value to a property now.

Here at Elmhurst, our 25 years’ experience in building efficiency consultancy makes us uniquely qualified to provide helpful, tailored information to anyone looking to improve their buildings energy efficiency. We can ensure your properties pass and even exceed the requirements of the governments building regulations.

To read more see the BBC article linked here.

Article published 25th March 2019

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