Property Developers

Property Developers 

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy works with property developers to ensure their developments meet the standards required for conservation of fuel and power. 

We can provide the relevant energy calculations for your building control/building warrant applications, and can ensure you remain compliant with regulations both before and after construction. 

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Property Developers and Building Regulations  

Property Developers are legally required to comply with the quality and regulatory standards established by Building Regulations/Standards in the Approved Documents/Technical Booklets.  Unlike planning permission which covers the impact the development will have on the surrounding area, Building Regulations/Standards focus on the actual construction of the building in terms of its structure, the facilities and conservation of energy and resources. 

Approval is required for all new builds, extensions and when structural alterations are made to a building.

Full Plans or Building Notice Application

Before construction can begin Property Developers can either provide a Building Notice or Full plans application to a Building Control/Warrant inspector.

A Building Notice means that work can be undertaken without the submission of full plans, however,  the responsibility of ensuring full compliance falls completely with the developer. Full Plans applications will provide greater peace of mind for developers as they can progress with construction, with their drawings/plans approved.

Energy Calculations and Property Developments

Building Regulations/Standards require energy calculations in order to determine the energy performance of a building before it is built (off plans) and also after construction. Energy calculations can determine a building emission rate and also the quality of the building envelope to ensure heat and air is not lost through the building fabric. 

More information about these calculations is provided below:

SAP Calculations (Housing Developments/Projects)

saphousingdevelopmentWe use Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) to calculate the energy performance of new build housing developments, both at design and as-built stage. SAP calculations may also be required for highly glazed extensions and conversions.

Elmhurst Energy Services can identify the different house types within the development and produce calculations based on the properties which have poorer energy performance. If these properties pass then the other houses within the development will be deemed compliant. 

Once the properties are constructed, an on-site air pressure test and second SAP Calculation is required to demonstrate building compliance. At this stage a SAP Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is also produced which is required when a property is being marketed for sale or let.


SBEM Calculations (Commercial Developments/Projects)

commercialdevelopmentSimplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) is the approved National Calculation Method (NCM) used to calculate the energy performance of new build commercial developments. SBEM calculations may also be required for large extensions and conversions.

Elmhurst Energy Services can produce SBEM calculations at design stage which is required for building control/warrant applications, as well as at 'as-built- stage undertaken once a property has been constructed.


A Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) can also be provided with the SBEM Calculations, which is a requirement for new buildings to have before they are marketed for sale or let.



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