Psi-Value Calculations

Psi-Value Calculations

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy provides bespoke Psi-Value calculations which can increase the chances of your SAP/SBEM assessments achieving Building Regulation/Standards compliance and can create greater energy savings for your property.

Organising a Psi-Value calculation is quick and easy and is explained in greater detail below.  

Why would I need Psi-Value Calculations?

If you require a SAP or SBEM assessment of your property and do not include a separate Psi-Value (Ψ-value) calculation, then a default Psi-Value will automatically be assumed. This can be typically worse than a property's actual Psi-Value score and may affect whether your property complies with regulations. 

Conducting a separate Psi-Value calculation as part of your assessment will provide greater accuracy than the assumed Psi-Value and should increase the chance of your property meeting compliance first time around. 

Regardless of whether you include a separate Psi-Value or not, The Building Regulations/Standards stipulate that all SAP and SBEM assessments must include a thermal bridging component, and it is especially important if you are trying to meet higher levels of sustainability.  


What is a Psi-Value Calculation?

Psi-Values are used to calculate a building's overall heat loss at a junction (also referred to as non-repeating thermal bridges). This differs from U-Values which only determine the heat loss through thermal elements (walls/floors/windows etc). A thermal bridge is an area of a building that can have significantly higher heat transfer than the surrounding materials and occurs where two thermal elements meet. 

The typical 'junctions' that often present greater heat loss include:

  • where a ground floor meets an exposed wall
  • where an external wall meets a balcony
  • Lintels and sills
  • Window or door jambs

Psi-Value Calculations are desk-based, and are created through specialist thermal modelling software.

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