SAP Calculations

SAP Calculations

Building Regulations/standards require SAP Calculations before commencing work on new houses/flats (new build dwellings), extensions and conversions.

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy uses SAP to measure the energy efficiency/rating of new buildings including the CO2 emissions and predicted fuel costs.

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What are SAP Calculations?

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations make up a big part of the planning and building compliance process, and for new developers and self builders can be quite tricky to understand.

SAP Is the government approved method of assessing and measuring the energy rating of any new build dwelling. They are typically required for new houses but you may also require  Calculations for conversions or extensions. 

The calculation itself produces a rating which typically indicates a score from 1 to 100+, with higher scores representing lower energy cost and associated CO2 emissions. This score is determined by many factors including the dwellings thermal elements, heating systems (space and water) and lighting; it also takes into account the positive impact renewable technologies can deliver to a dwelling (See Energy Performance Certificates)


Why do I need SAP Calculations?

In order to meet current regulations in the UK, home builders/ developers will need to achieve a ‘PASS’ on their Calculations. If the result of the calculation indicates a fail or they do not have one, building control will not sign off the development and the property cannot be let or marketed for sale.

SAP Calculations can also help those involved in the design of new dwellings to shape an improved energy profile, reducing energy use and carbon emissions.


When are SAP Calculations required?

We recommend that you contact us early in the process before planning is submitted and building regulation applications. This ensures we have time to help your design meet the criteria of the building regulations and reduce the energy performance of the building design.

The calculation process is desk based and requires a set of drawings (including: plans, elevations & sections) and a building specification which details the building elements and information regarding the heating and ventilation systems.  

Calculations are performed both before and after construction. These are often referred to as ‘Design Stage/ Initial' SAP Calculations’ and ‘As-Built' SAP Calculations.

About Design Stage SAP Calculations

A Design Stage Calculation and Building Regulations Application must be submitted to Building Control, otherwise construction cannot begin. The sooner this is submitted, the sooner the construction process can begin.

The Design Stage Calculations also provide a Target Emission Rate (TER) and Target Fabric Energy Efficiency (TFEE), which are based on the emissions of a 'notional dwelling' of the same shape and size of the proposed dwelling.

Read more about Design Stage SAP Calculations here.

 About As-built Stage SAP Calculations

Once the building construction is completed, Building Control require an As-built Calculation and EPC. Without this the building is unlikely to achieve Final Approval and cannot be marketed for sale or let.

If the building has been altered during the building process this could impact compliance. If this is the case we would recommend contacting us as we can assist and ensure any changes to the design/ construction of the dwelling will meet Part L of the Building Regulations.

Read more about As Built SAP Calculations here 


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