SAP calculations for new builds explained

SAP calculations for new builds explained

As a house builder or developer in the UK, you'll already know that SAP calculations are required for all residential new builds. However, leading consultancy services will often complete SAP calculations on your behalf to produce the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and ensure building compliance. So below, we take a look at the three main stages involved with SAP calculations: As Designed, Build and As Built.

1. As Designed

An accredited SAP assessor uses the detailed plans and drawings of a home to calculate the performance of its thermal elements. Ratings are expressed as U-Values, which refer to the rate at which heat passes through a building's fabric. The higher the U-Value, the greater the rate of heat loss. This data is inputted into the SAP calculation and is related to floors, roofs, walls, openings and ventilation, among other features.
SAP software then uses this data to determine whether the proposed build will comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations (in regards to fuel and power conservation). If not, the assessor will recommend solutions as required.

2. Build

During the build stage, an air pressure test is carried out and software is used to check that the dwelling still meets the requirements of the Building Regulations. The assessor will also check that the house is registered on the Government's central database register for national property addresses.

3. As Built

At this stage, the assessor finalises their SAP calculation and creates an Energy Performance Certificate. An EPC is required for a new build prior to it being sold or let. Other documents required by Building Control, such as the SAP data input report and the SAP worksheet report, are also provided by the assessor.
To find out more about SAP calculations for new builds, as well as SAP calculations for extensions, contact the team at Elmhurst Energy Consultancy.

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