SAP Calculations for Scotland

SAP Calculations for Scotland

Is your building project located in Scotland? Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can provide quick SAP and Heat Loss Calculations to ensure compliance with Scottish Building Standards.

Building Standards and SAP Calculations for Scotland

New build dwellings in Scotland must be compliant with Section 6 of Building Standards. The method used to achieve compliance is similar to what is required in England and Wales (SAP Calculations), however, Scottish Building Standards are often considered more stringent than other UK regulations. 

The primary target for SAP Calculations in Scotland (and also for the rest of the UK) is to ensure that the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) is lower than or equal to the Target Emission Rate (TER). The DER is the actual emission rate of the constructed or design property whereas the TER is based on a property with the same dimensions as the one specified.  

The TER in Scotland is typically much lower than in England and Wales, as the notional specification assumes that some kind of renewable energy has been used. Therefore in order for the proposed building to achieve compliance it may require some form of renewable energy such as solar PV in order to lower the DER.

About Heat Loss Calculations

If your project involves building an extension or conservatory, you will require a Heat Loss Calculation to demonstrate its acceptable thermal performance. The minimum thermal performance can vary depending on the rest of the performance of the existing dwelling and you may be required to conduct a SAP calculation for the whole property, in order to show compliance. Conversions will also require a Heat Loss Calculation.

How Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can help

We have completed projects all over the UK, including a large number in Scotland. Our experience in this area and of the Building Standards makes us well placed to advise you on current building requirements and legislation for the area.

Our expert energy consultants will work with you from design stage to completion, to ensure your building complies with Section 6 of Building Standards.

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