SBEM Calculations

SBEM Calculations

Simplified Building Energy Modelling (SBEM) is the approved national calculation methodology used to calculate the energy efficiency of commercial properties. 

SBEM calculates the monthly energy use and carbon emissions of a building based on its size, orientation, geometry, construction and systems.

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Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can provide SBEM Calculations for new build commercial properties at any stage of your project. Our team of specialists are well-equipped to navigate and advise you on the latest regulations, and will work with you to create practical solutions to ensure you achieve compliance with Building Regulations and Building Standards.

What are SBEM Calculations? 

SBEM Calculations are used to demonstrate the compliance of new build commercial properties as required by Part L2 of the Building Regulations (and regional variants). As well as being a mandatory requirement for new build commercial properties, some extensions and conversions may also require an SBEM calculation. 

SBEM uses the National Calculation Method (NCM) to calculate the proposed buildings annual energy use and can also identify ways to save money. The following information is often required to provide a full calculation:

  • The types of heating
  • The types of lighting
  • The ventilation and air conditioning that will be used
  • The building construction plans
  • The use of any renewable energy sources (solar PV, wind turbines and ground/air-source heating etc).

It also takes into account the U-Values of the building fabric/thermal elements (roofs, walls, windows), and once constructed, the air tightness of the building. 

Overall, an SBEM Calculation provides a clear picture of the energy performance and carbon emissions of your proposed building. An obvious indication of the proposed building energy usage is shown through the Energy Performance Asset Rating which is located on the Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) generated by the SBEM Calculation. 

Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM)

You may have also heard about Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM). This software is also used to calculate new build Commercial buildings, however, the software boasts greater accuracy and takes into account external factors which can impact energy consumption.

DSM is usually required for larger more complex buildings (shopping centres, airports, skyscrapers) however we also recommend this software for clients who require more detailed analysis and calculations of their proposed non-domestic project.



When are SBEM Calculations Required?

An SBEM assessment is required at the beginning and end of a construction project. The Elmhurst Consultancy team can work off plans to perform SBEM calculations at both the Design and As-Built Stage.

Design Stage SBEM Calculation- A Design Stage SBEM Calculation is required before construction of the building commences. A SBEM report and Building Control/ Warrant Application should be submitted to a Building Control Body or Verifier (Scotland), otherwise construction cannot begin. The sooner this is submitted the better.

As-Built Stage SBEM Calculation - Once the building construction is completed, an As-Built SBEM Calculation is required to determine if the building still complies. 


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