SBEM Calculations: What Are They And Why Are They Important

SBEM Calculations: What Are They And Why Are They Important

What are SBEM Calculations?

The standards for energy efficiency are becoming increasingly stringent, posing a challenge for developers and property builders. All new commercial buildings must comply with Part L of Building Regulations in England and Wales (Section 6 in Scotland and Part F in Northern Ireland), and should be taken into consideration at design stage.

 An SBEM or Simplified Building Energy Model is a government-approved methodology utilised to calculate the energy required to heat, cool, ventilate and light a newly-constructed non-residential building or dwelling. Factors such as your building materials, the type of heating, cooling, hot water, ventilation and lighting systems are all taken into account.
 In addition to this, the amount of carbon dioxide the building emits is also calculated, before being assigned a numerical rating. Simply put, the lower the rating, the more energy efficient the building is projected to be.

When are SBEM calculations needed?

An SBEM calculation is not only required for new build commercial buildings but are also needed for  extensions and refurbishments . SBEM Calculations are typically undertaken both before and after construction, which are referred to as Design Stage and As-Built SBEM Calculations. 

Why are SBEM calculations important?

It is important to carry out SBEM calculations prior to construction in order to anticipate potential barriers to achieving compliance with Building Regulations. Doing this early in the process will reduce costs and provide you with more flexibility with regards to alternative materials and energy efficient systems used. Without a Design Stage SBEM Calculations, building control bodies cannot allow construction of the commercial building to commence.

If you are looking for a trusted company to carry out an SBEM calculation for your new build commercial property, Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can help you at every stage of your project. We have gained an increasing reputation for providing quick and instructive assessments, designed to help our clients meet compliance with Building Regulations and Building Standards in a timely manner. Please give us a call on 01455 883 259 for your enquiries.

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