Design Stage and As-Built SBEM Calculations

Design Stage and As-Built SBEM Calculations

New build commercial properties require SBEM Calculations to be submitted to Building Control or a Verifier (Scotland) both before (Design Stage) and after construction is complete (As-Built). 

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can complete Design Stage and As-Built SBEM Calculations to ensure that you remain compliant throughout the planning, design and construction process. Our expert consultants can also advise you on relevant changes to design plans to ensure your building complies with Building Regulations/Standards immediately. 

Design Stage SBEM Calculations Explained

Design Stage SBEM Calculations establish whether or not a commercial property will meet the minimum requirements established by Building Regulations/ Standards. Construction/ development projects without a SBEM Calculation which are submitted to a Building Control body (or regional equivalent), will be unable to begin work.

Target Emission Rate (TER) and Building Emission Rate (BER)

A TER is established at the design stage and sets the standard for the proposed CO2 emission rate i.e. the minimum allowable standard for the energy performance of that building. This rate is based on a notional building which is the same shape/ orientation of the proposed building.

A BER is also established based on building plans. The BER should not exceed the TER; if it does then you may need to make changes to the building design in order to comply with Building Standards.

To complete Design Stage SBEM calculations, we typically require building plans and specifications, however, the more information that is provided the better. 

There is still a great deal of flexibility at design stage; if the building doesn't meet the required standards then plans can be altered in order to ensure that the building is compliant. Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can help with this.

As-Built SBEM Calculations Explained

Once the building is constructed, an As-Built SBEM Calculation is required in order to show that the building still complies with regulations after construction is complete. If this is not submitted to a Building Control body (or regional equivalent) then the building can't be marketed for sale or let.

As with residential properties, new commercial buildings require an airtightness test in accordance with Building Regulations/ standards (this includes extensions). If a building has less than 500m2 total useful floor area, the developer can opt to forgo an air pressure test, provided that the air permeability used within the Building Emission Rate (BER) calculation is taken as 15m3/(h.m2) at 50 Pa. 

The TER which is determined at Design Stage is compared to the actual Building Emission Rate (BER) once the building has been constructed. The BER should not exceed the TER, however, should this occur, Elmhurst Energy Services have the expertise and consultancy experience to ensure SBEM compliance.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

A Commercial EPC is produced after the building is constructed to show the energy performance of the building, displayed as an A+ to G scale (The EPC is valid for 10 years). Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can produce this commercial EPC alongside the required SBEM Calculations in order to ensure the Building receives a PASS from a Building Control officer or Verifier (Scotland).

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