SBEM Calculations for Conversions

SBEM Calculations for Conversions 

SBEM Calculations for Conversions (or conversion calculations) are required when a buildings purpose or use changes or a previously unconditioned space (space which is unheated or not cooled) becomes thermally conditioned.

Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can provide the necessary SBEM calculations required for conversion compliance in accordance with current Building Regulations/Standards. We are happy to provide expert advice and guidance on routes to compliance and can work with you to provide the best outcome.

When are SBEM Calculations Required for Conversions?

Material Change of Use 

Essentially all conversions to non-dwellings require an SBEM Calculation in order to comply with Part L2b of the Building Regulations (or a regional variant). A conversion typically occurs as a result of a 'Material Change of Use', where the purpose or use of the building is altered.

Some examples of what is considered a 'Material Change of Use' are provided by Building Regulations/Standards:

  • The building is used as a hotel or boarding houses where it was previously not
  • The building is used as an institution or school where previously it was not
  • The building is used as a public building where previously it was not
  • The building is used as a dwelling where previously it was not

 Change of Energy Status 

A big challenge awaits those wanting to introduce heating and cooling to a previously unheated space/building. Doing this will essentially change the energy efficiency requirements of that building/space, which will require it to comply Building Regulations/Standards. This represents a change in energy status.

As with Material Change of Use, An SBEM Calculation can be provided for greater design flexibility and can demonstrate that the CO2 emissions will be no worse then if the building had been improved. 

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