Measured Energy Performance

Measured energy performance is an exciting area of energy assessment that allows you to compare actual performance with design intent. Carry out your own assessments for clients with our pioneering new 'Self-Service' Measured Energy Performance (MEP):

  • Close the performance gap
  • Great value-add service to offer clients
  • Simple to carry out


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How does it work?

By measuring the Heat Transfer Coefficient number (HTC) you can accurately measure the thermal performance of a property. This number is usually assumed in SAP but can be overridden (using specially adapted software).


First you will need to complete a survey of the home and gather information on its energy use. You will then place small temperature sensors around the property which will gather data for 3 weeks. Our team will use this information to calculate the HTC number, which will be put into our specially adapted Design SAP software to produce an accurate energy rating.


Our Self-Service MEP model has made HTC calculations accessible to all by removing costly subscription fees and equipment costs.

You can purchase HTC calculations in 'bundles' of 5 starting at £250.

A fantastic value-add service to offer clients

This fantastic value-add service is ideal for retrofit monitoring and evaluation, Post Occupancy Evaluation and complaint resolution. It’s also a great opportunity to upskill and get ahead of the game in respect to Building Performance Evaluation.

By signing up to our Self Service MEP you’ll get access to:

  • High quality training
  • Data templates
  • A Measured Energy Performance Report for each property


Full MEP Service

Our full Measured Energy Performance is carried out by the team, who will carry out the whole process-end-to-end. This includes surveys, monitoring and report writing. Contact the team to find out more.


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