Measured Energy Performance

Measured Energy Performance 

Exceeding expectations 

The project

The client was a small to medium size housing developer who had created a small number of housing archetypes and wished to demonstrate the quality of their workmanship. Their confidence in the specification control and construction standards motivated them to seek validation that they had exceeded their predicted Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating,

What we did

After their As Built EPCs were produced, temperature sensors were deployed post-construction and collected after three weeks' of data had been gathered. We combined this information with energy use and weather data to further scrutinise the thermal performance of the dwellings and produce the resulting measured energy performance score. The results were provided in a comprehensive Measured Energy Performance report. 

The results

Seven out of the nine property types exceeded their As Built EPC scores by an average of five points, an extremely satisfying result for the client. Two types of As Built EPC scores only achieved their As Designed scores, indicating that these particular build types which were flats and maisonettes were not exceeding the As Built scores in line with the properties 

Psi-Value calculations were conducted on the two housing types that had not exceeded expectations, and, after carrying out thermal bridging modelling, it was found that there was a opportunity to make a change in the build specification with certain junction joints in the construction, and therefore improve the performance of these two property types  with some modification to its construction specification. .  

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