Smart HTC: Precise Energy Reports

Precise Energy Reports with Smart HTC

Smart HTC is one of the only tools on the market that accurately assesses the thermal performance of your building with a measured Energy Report. 



Why have a measured Energy Report?

Properties currently have a SAP EPC rating which relies on a calculated Heat Transfer Co-efficient (HTC) score based on information provided by the builders, manufacturers and some assumptions where details are not provided. 

A performance gap can exist between the SAP EPC rating and how the dwelling actually performs due to a variety of factors. Smart HTC enables this to be measured and identified. Elmhurst Energy Consultancy can assess how your property/properties actually perform, providing insight into where improvements may be needed 

Save money, save time, save energy

Smart HTC uses a measured Heat Transfer Co-efficient score based on real-time information from multiple data points. The resulting Energy Report is more precise and reliable, and allows you can concentrate your resources in a cost-effective manner. 

A precise Energy Report score is a benefit to those with large property portfolios, house builders, warranty providers and consumers. Armed with accurate information you can make informed decisions and take a targeted approach to improvements. 



With Smart HTC you can:

Compare and measure property improvements

If you are looking to (or already have) improve the energy efficiency of your properties through ECO or general retrofit, Smart HTC will be able to compare how your properties perform before and after the commissioned work takes place.

Pinpoint underperforming properties

Identify properties with a poor thermal performance and effectively plan a co-ordinated retrofit plan with measurable outcomes.

Identify energy efficient measures with the most impact

Do you replace the boiler? Or improve the insulation? Or both? Smart HTC will help you identify which measure will bring the best results, meaning you can save both time and money.

An indispensable marketing tool

Prove to your clients that you deliver houses that perform as advertised. In an industry that relies heavily on trust, a measured Energy Report is the ultimate sign of reliability.


Non-invasive, professional testing 

Smart HTC assessments are performed with little intrusion and with the owners in-situ.

Small temperature sensors are placed around the house (usually on a book case or on top of a cupboard) which gather data over a three- week period. Our expert team of energy consultants combine this data with weather and energy use information to gain a fuller picture of how the house performs.

Smart HTC was developed by Built Test Solutions, a UK based product development company that Elmhurst Energy Consultancy works closely with on multiple innovative research projects. 

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